Norwalk Boot Camp Calendar

Fundamentals -- This class is meant for beginners. It will cover all of the kettlebell basics as well as build upon the Art of Strength movements covered in the initial orientation. Increase strength and cardiovascular conditioning, while learning how to use kettlebells correctly and safely.

Kettlebells -- An intense, 30-45 minute workout, this class is for everyone who has demonstrated an understanding of proper technique in all of the kettlebell movements -- swing, clean, snatch, high pull, and overhead press. You must have the approval of one of our instructors to attend this class.

Art of Strength -- This class will incorporate our unique Art of Strength tools and methods -- vintage, thick-grip barbells and dumbbells, kettlebells, Bandit loops, Ropes Gone Wild, and Indian clubs, just to name a few. Appropriate for all levels.

ROPA -- Appropriate for all levels, this class is all ropes and bodyweight exercises. It's a nice break from the weights and hits the cardiovascular system like nothing else.

Rope Fusion -- This 30-minute, interval class will test your strength and cardiovascular system. Appropriate for all levels, you'll be mixing it up with ropes, bodyweight exercises, and weight lifting.

Punch Power -- All of these classes are downstairs in our new Power Room. You will learn proper barbell-lifting techniques on our top-of-the-line equipment and follow a training program carefully planned by our experienced coaches. The squat, overhead press, bench press, deadlift and strongman lifts will be covered. All levels welcome.

Strongman -- Come down to the Power Room and play with the strongman equipment! We'll show you how to properly load atlas stones, carry kegs, drag sleds, press logs, and walk with a yoke. Taught by National Champion Strongman competitors, Stefanie Tropea and Mike Mastell, this class is for all levels.

All classes displayed in red will be downstairs in The Power Room. Notice that on Tuesday nights at 6:15 and Saturday mornings at 9 there are two classes going on at the same time -- one downstairs and one upstairs.

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