Punch Kettlebell Gym of Norwalk Is The Quickest, Easiest And Most FUN Way To Jump Start Your Fitness Program, Lose Pounds and Inches Fast, Make New, Supportive Friends, And Look And Feel Great .

Small Group Training is EXPLODING
Across America For One Big Reason: Men & Women Get Fantastic Body Changing Results Faster Than Any Other Method...
And Have FUN Doing It!

Now, Fairfield County's Most Accomplished
And Respected Fitness Expert,
Stefanie Tropea,
Invites You To Join Join Punch Kettlebell Gym of Norwalk And Experience Your Own

From: Stefanie Tropea
Owners, Punch Kettlebell Gym of Norwalk

Dear Fairfield County Friend,

This is no flash-in-the-pan fad.
Our cutting-edge, small group training program replaces old, tired, long and boring exercise with new, energetic, simple, quick and fun boot camp-style workouts that get amazing results for men and women, regardless of your age or fitness history, only 30 to 45 minutes.

Now you can be a part of the hottest gym around and begin transforming your body fast with our small group, boot camp-style workouts. And you can even try us out completely free!

And you can try us out with complete confidence that you are in expert hands, receiving expert guidance, coaching and support from Fairfield County's most accomplished and respected fitness and body transformation specialists. Since 2009, my team at Punch Kettlebell Gym has helped hundreds of Fairfield County residents get into the best shape of their lives. You can see what they have to say on the videos here.

What you can expect from Punch Kettlebell Gym.

1. Cutting-edge fitness training. You have to experience it to truly understand it. We have redefined what it means to be fit, and what it takes to attain true fitness. Gone are the days of boring isolation movements and endless minutes on a treadmill. Our training is a blend of fitness philosophies and workout structures which guarantee a vibrant and effective workout for your body and mind!

You will be training with kettlebells, medicine balls, ropes, logs, stones, and numerous other fun training tools. Forget about walking into a gym where you are just another number and walk out feeling unfulfilled. In either our small classes or a group personal training session, you will learn to move differently, unify muscle groups, and discover your true abilities. You will quickly discover the sense of community felt here at Punch, and find out what our existing clients already know; you always leave Punch feeling empowered and with a smile on your face!

2. It's fun! Let’s face it…if it’s not fun…you don’t want to do it. Nobody does. That’s the #1 reason people struggle with their fitness and weight loss…they’re not having fun doing it! Not anymore. Punch Kettlebell Gym is TONS OF FUN. You’ll get a body-trimming workout, lose weight and inches, feel great about yourself, accomplish more, increase your energy and improve your life in so many ways…and you’ll have FUN doing it. Which is why you’ll keep coming back for more, and keep getting more and even better results with each passing week. But you don’t pay a dime to get started, your first workout is on the house…FREE.

3. Lose Weight, Tighten, Tone and Firm Your Body, and Drop Pant and Dress Sizes Fast: Three years ago, we changed our own personal workouts from lots of weight lifting and long, boring cardio, to kettlebell training, calisthenics, body weight exercises and interval type training (if you’re not familiar with these words, don’t worry, you’ll learn them all and love them all) and watched as our sports performance, agility, core strength, stamina and energy levels shot through the roof. Not to mention that we got leaner faster than ever before. Since then we started coaching our clients on many of the same movements and watched as they got the same fantastic results. Not only are these exercises fun to do, they’re also quick, easy…and really work to burn the maximum number of calories, tighten and tone those trouble spots and give you the lean, firm body you want. This IS the new wave of the future. This makes fitness simple and VERY rewarding, as you’ll soon discover.

4. Feel Great About Your Accomplishment: If you’ve struggled with weight loss and fitness in the past, then you know how frustrating it can be when you don’t see results. Instead of empowering you, it can undermine your confidence and give you a sense of hopelessness. You won’t feel that way ever again because everyone succeeds at accomplishing their body transformation goals when you’re in this kind of up-beat, fun and supportive environment. If there is a silver bullet when it comes to weight loss and fitness…it’s this. You can start now with 100% confidence and certainty you will come out the other end a winner.

Norwalk Womens Bootcamp

5. Meet Other Men & Women Like You: One of the really nice benefits of Punch Kettlebell Gym is that you’re surrounded by like-minded, kind and supportive men and women just like you. Everyone has the same goal, and everyone works together to help each other, inspire each other and motivate each other. In an environment like this…you cannot fail.

6. Master Your Metabolism, Regardless of Your Age: Two discouraging and deceptive myths perpetuated by the uninformed are that your metabolism is genetically pre-determined and out of your control. That simply is not true. We’ve helped hundreds of men and women just like you, from 17 to 75 years old, master their metabolism and fire-up their fat-burning furnace by strengthening their muscles through movement. With each passing week you’ll see your body shrink before your eyes as your metabolism increases so you’re burning fat at ever-increasing speed and efficiency. Now, when you indulge in a little cheesecake or ice cream, it doesn’t go straight to your thighs!

7. Friendly, Expert Guidance In a Supportive, Structured, Motivational and Accountable Program: We and our trainers are respectful and supportive, but we also know how to motivate and lead, helping bring out the best in you and get you into the best shape of your life. Punch Kettlebell Gym is a structured, proven program providing the accountability, inspiration and expert guidance you need to transform your body and your life.

Norwalk Womens Bootcamp

8. Get Your Private and Public Victory: In Stephen Covey’s book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he quotes Henry David Thoreau (this is a dated quote, so please forgive the sexism): “I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.” This is the guiding principle I live by and sort of the “theme” of our gym. Without getting too heavily philosophical on you, We'll just say this: it is our unique ability of “self-awareness” that allows us to break old, bad habits and create new, good ones. And there’s nothing more potent in the human arsenal than this ability. You CAN change your life, be and do whatever you want. You have that power. All you need is the right guidance, support and environment. And with each step towards your new goal, you experience a private victory that makes you progressively stronger and more determined than ever. We’ve seen this transformation occur so often in mean and women we work with, but it still never ceases to amaze me. Few things, if anything, are as empowering as taking charge of your health and fitness and watching your body transform before your eyes…and the eyes of everyone else in your life. Newfound confidence to explore all the possibilities in your life emerges. Obstacles dissolve away. You no longer shrink from challenges, you embrace them, meet them head on, and overcome them. And everyone notices. You take proactive control over your life and are no longer the victim of circumstance. I can’t wait for you to experience this at Punch Kettlebell Gym.

9. NO DIETING! Wooohoo! The dieting ends now. You see, we don’t just show you how to exercise for body transformation, we also coach you on nutrition. And one of the BIG lessons you’ll learn is how restrictive diets damage your metabolism. You’ll be eating more frequently, not less. And you’ll be eating many of your favorite foods.

10. Get Twice As Much Done…And Feel Great Doing It: If you’re a professional person, a father, a mother, or both – if you work inside or outside the home – you know how demanding the responsibilities are. Most men and women are in a constant state of overwhelm from all the activities and obligations in their lives. And at the end of the day…you’re pooped. Here’s the secret to increased productivity, diminished stress and twice as much energy: a fun, fast, efficient, heart pounding, blood-pumping workout.

  • Do you want the energy to meet all the demands on your life and time?
  • Do you want to zip through your day, blasting past your co-workers or even out-running your kids?
  • Do you want to perform at optimum capacity, running your internal engine hard and fast all day long, effortlessly accomplishing twice as much without the stress – and with a permanent, real, enthusiastic and contagious smile on your face?
  • Do you want to feel like a million bucks from sun-up to sun-down and well into the evening, then sleep like a baby, waking up totally recharged, rejuvenated and ready to go? If so, Punch Kettlebell Gym is for you!

11. FREE, No-Obligation Try-Before-You-Buy Workout: You know what? We hope this letter gives you an appreciation of all the benefits Punch Kettlebell Boot Gym has to offer you. We hope you can see just how valuable and life changing this can be. But frankly, we understand if you don’t believe a word we say here. We recognize you may be skeptical and thinking, “Yeah, I’ve heard it all before.” And that’s okay. We haven’t met yet, and you haven’t tried out the gym, so we may not be registering real high on your “believability meter” right now. That’s why we want you to come and try us out without cost or obligation – completely FREE – and then decide.

All you have to do is say “Maybe.” Just maybe this is everything I’ve said it is. Just maybe this is everything we’ve said it is. Just maybe this is exactly what you’re looking for. And just maybe this will be the last time you struggle with weight loss and fitness, and stress over your body and health…ever again. Just say maybe by clicking here to complete the no-cost registration form, and then come try us out free of charge. If you love the experience and want to keep going, great! If not, we part friends and you don’t owe us a dime.

12. Affordable, Convenient and Fast: Our small group classes make personal training more affordable. With our unlimited training packages, you can workout for less than $5.00 per day! Our classes range from 30 minutes to 45 minutes, and are offered 7 days per week. It's a full-body workout -- cardio, strength, and flexibility, all in one shot! Please check the calendar to see which one suits you best.

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13. GUARANTEED RESULTS: After your first free workout, if you decide to keep going, as everyone does, then here’s our rock-solid guarantee of results to you:

  • You will burn more fat and inches off your thighs, hips, waist, and arms than ever before
  • You will double your energy…improve your posture…sleep MUCH better…
  • You will make new, supportive friends
  • You will increase your endurance and strength substantially…at least 25%...and increase your confidence 100%
  • You will have FUN
  • You will look and feel fantastic...
  • And you will have the “fitness habit” for life…or your money back. There’s no fine print or “weasel clause” here. We stand behind Punch Kettlebell Gym 100%. You get the results you want. It’s just that simple.

14. More Fun: We know this has been kind of a long “list” of stuff you can expect from Punch Kettlebell Gym. And we appreciate you reading it all. And just the fact that you’ve read this far is a clear indication you are precisely the kind of man or woman who can benefit the most from our program, and who will get the best results…because you take your health and fitness seriously. And we are very serious about results…but we want to tell you again that we get serious results…by having serious fun. Fun is the key. Fun is the secret. Because you have to have fun…or you won’t keep it up. Come join us and have fun while you burn the fat, melt away the inches, drop the pant or dress sizes and take control – complete control – over your body, your health, your fitness and your life!

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Who Is Punch Kettlebell Boot Camp For?

Since 2009, we’ve helped hundreds of Fairfield County residents get into the best shape of their lives. Folks of all different backgrounds, abilities, ages and sizes get the results they want. So there really is nobody we can’t help. But here are some of the categories of men and women who get the greatest benefit from Punch Kettlebell Gym:

  • Overweight men and women of all ages: Whether you have 10 pounds to lose, or 100, are 25 or 75 years young, we can get you to your goal faster, and with more certainty than any other option available to you. Men and women gain a tremendous amount of self-esteem and self-confidence through the power of exercise.

  • Beginner exercisers of all ages: IIf you’ve never done a push-up or sit-up or never been athletic, you won’t feel out of place here. Although we run small group classes, it’s set up to accommodate ALL men and women, from beginner to advanced exercisers. We know precisely how to match the workouts to the individual, so you always get exactly what you need.

  • Teens: If your children are interested…they are welcome. Ages 14-17 (with parental approval) can get started early developing healthy habits that serve them their entire lives. It is one of THE greatest gifts you could ever give you child. Plus, Punch Kettlebell Gym is so much fun, they’ll never be bored with our new, dynamic and exciting programs.

  • Men and woman who want a fitness “jump-start”: If you were once very active and fit and had that fantastic, firm, and fit body, but got caught up in professional or domestic responsibilities and sort of “lost your way” – now you can get that jump start you need to get back on track …and stay there. Nothing can get you off to a faster and more certainly positive start than Punch Kettlebell Gym.

  • New Mothers: It is very common for new mothers to struggle to get back to their pre-pregnancy shape. And it’s totally understandable with all the demands on your time. But if you’re ready to get your body back…even better and sexier than before …this is how to do it.

  • Athletes and fitness enthusiasts: If you need to strengthen your core, need cardiovascular endurance, and need resistance training to help with your particular sport…with our “progressive programming” you get exactly what you need to improve your performance and sports-specific conditioning. As former high school and collegiate athletes turned very serious fitness professionals, we assure you, if you want a challenging workout, we will give it to you.

  • Men and women who need accountability, support and motivation: There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, the vast majority of people fall into this category when it comes to fitness and weight loss. Friends and family are well-intentioned, but it’s too easy to make excuses to them, and they’re simply not “trained” to provide the right kind of accountability, support and motivation, and certainly not the right kind of expert guidance. We are.

  • Body-conscious men and women: If the idea of putting on shorts and exercising makes you a little uncomfortable, we understand. And you’re not alone. Many men and women come to us like this, quickly realize other men and women in the group are just like them, and instantly relax, feeling the camaraderie and lack of judgment. You will feel more comfortable and get moving – gaining more confidence with each passing workout. Within a week or two, you will look back and giggle at yourself for feeling self-conscious. Because your body and attitude will change dramatically. Nothing can bring a man or woman out of his/her “shell” and allow him/her to fully enjoy life more than this.

  • Busy professionals: Time is at a premium for you and you need to fit in an energizing workout fast and early, before the “heat” gets turned up on your day. Nothing will prepare you to enter the workplace arena and compete at the highest level possible better than an intense, heart-pounding workout first thing in the morning.

Norwalk Womens Bootcamp

The Details You Need To Know

Punch Kettlebell Boot Camp Details:

Punch Kettlebell Gym of Norwalk
345 Main Ave.
Norwalk, CT 06851

NOTE: Bathrooms are available, parking is plentiful and the area is very well lit in the early mornings and evenings.

Monday through Friday 5:15am-8:00pm

Saturday 7:00am-12:00pm

Sunday 8:00am-12:00pm

Cost: $149-$249/month

Remember, you can try-before-you-buy! Register now for your FREE workout.

Why You Can’t Fail

Like Home Depot says, “you can do it, we can help.” Look, since 2009, my company has helped hundreds of Fairfield County residents get in the best shape of their lives. You can (and should) listen to what they have to say by watching the videos here. We’ve helped the most out of shape, sedentary folks get up off the couch and get back into life – and we’ve helped high-level athletes achieve peak performance – and we’ve helped everyone in between. We have fitness down to a science. We know how to make it fun and engaging…for everyone… regardless of your age, fitness level and past experiences. If you’ve tried and failed, or tried and gotten results, only to backslide…you are not alone. That is the experience so many men and women have, and we have the system and the program to put you back on top – to get you moving and grooving again – loving life again – feeling great again – taking back control and getting the body you really, truly want. We will put you on the fast track to the firm and fit body you deserve, we guarantee it. All you have to do is just say “maybe” and give us a try!

Norwalk Womens Bootcamp

If Not Punch Kettlebell Gym…Then What?

If you’re not sure about our gym…well, you have other choices. Let’s take a look at them…

  • Hire a one-on-one personal trainer: We can tell you first hand that personal training (with the right trainer) absolutely works. If you would prefer one-on-one or in-home help, just call our office at (203) 354-9370. We’ll be happy to help you. But keep in mind that it is five times the cost of group classes, and you don’t get the same kind of support. It’s easier to “cheat” because you’re not accountable to the group of friends you make at Punch Kettlebell Gym, so it requires greater will power and commitment.

  • Join a gym: Not an option we recommend. According to recent statistics, over 65% of gym members rarely attend (once or twice a month). If you don’t go, you can’t get the benefit. But even if you do go, do you know what to do when you’re there in order to burn the most calories and get the best results in the shortest period of time?

  • Try a “diet”: This is the kiss of death. Please don’t do this to yourself. Restrictive dieting does NOT work long-term. Sure, you can lose some weight in the short term by strictly limiting your caloric intake, but it’s harmful to your body…causing your body to go into “protection mode” because it fears starvation…and storing more body fat. Do you know the term “skinny fat?” That’s what happens to men and women on diets. It’s very unattractive.

  • Do it on your own: Some people, the rare few, can be successful with a self-monitored fitness and weight loss program. If you have a will of steel and intense self-discipline, you can probably make this work for you. Results will probably come less quickly simply because of the learning curve. And you will need to buy some equipment, block time and commit – really commit – to following through without any outside support or accountability.

  • Do nothing: Maintain the status quo. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got. If you were satisfied with what you’ve got, chances are you wouldn’t be reading this letter right now. Choosing to do nothing at all is the worst choice of all. I hope you won’t take this path.

    Norwalk Womens Bootcamp

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    Questions And Answers About Boot Camp

    If you would like even more information about our Punch Kettlebell Gym, you can click here to see our Frequently Asked Question Page.

    How To Register…Without Cost And Risk Free!

    As you can imagine, with all these benefits, Punch Kettlebell Gym is very popular and in demand. Register right now, without cost or obligation, for your free trial workout. After you register, we will get in touch with you to provide any additional information you need to know, and to answer any questions you may have. Or you can feel free to call us directly with your questions at (203) 354-9370.

    Norwalk Womens Bootcamp

    Isn’t It Time To Take Care of YOU?

    Most men and women we know are always putting everyone else’s needs ahead of their own. Isn’t it time to take care of you? Isn’t it time to take care of your needs? And that’s not selfish at all, because the better you take care of you…the better you are at facing the challenges, overcoming the obstacles and winning at life…in every way.

    A fun, effective way to workout that produces results -- That’s our promise to you. And we’ll keep it. All you have to do is click here to register now and then show up!

    I look forward to meeting you and helping you get as fit as you want to be!

    To your health and fitness,

    Punch Kettlebell Gym of Norwalk

    P.S. Group training exploding across America for one BIG reason: Men and women get fantastic body changing results faster than any other method…and have FUN doing it! If results and fun are what you want, and if support and accountability are what you need, then the choice is obvious. Register right now for your free workout at Punch Kettlebell Gym!

    Norwalk Womens Bootcamp

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